Sunny Sunday in Rotterdam

Three weeks before the opening of the 43th Poetry International Festival in Rotterdam, in which I will participate, I visited the town, from an invitation by the organization of PI to participate in another event, a summer open air festival called Dunya (the 32nd edition). In addition to a beautiful day, a crowd of 200,000 people spread across a park covered with flowers and bikes, music and poetry from all over the world, there was an energy in the air inexplicably nice. It was as if light itself contribute to perfection of everything. It was in this vibe that I went on stage to do a reading before an audience heterogeneous, composed of students, children and whole families under a heat worthy of Rio de Janeiro. Once I took the shoes for performance, I have not put them and spent the rest of the day lying on the grass, drinking beer and talking with wonderful people - new friends I made there. Congratulations to all who participated and helped organize the event. Thank very much to organization team.

Here, some pictures shot during the festival.

Em um improviso de ultima hora com o tradutor Marco Nijmeljer 

As meias compradas por engano fizeram algum sucesso 


O dia amanhecendo visto da janela do hotel

1 comentários:

Fábio Romeiro Gullo disse...

Belíssimo lugar, belíssimas fotos (especialmente a da menininha e a da ponte).

Parabéns e sucesso, Márcio!

P.S.: A apresentação em Roterdã provavelmente entrará como último evento mencionado no dossiê.


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